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Maya Cloth, Hair & Fur 課程
- Day 1~3. Cloth

1. Lesson01 nCloth overview
     - What is nCloth?;
     - What is Maya Nucleus and Nucleus hierarchy;
     - nCloth dynamics;
     - nCloth workflow;
     - Making a mesh nCloth;
     - nCloth collisions;
     - Constraining nCloth;
     - nCloth and external dynamic forces;
     - nCloth simulation and caches;

2. Lesson02 Creating & Editing nCloth
     - Create, remove & editing nCloth;
     - Paint nCloth property maps;
     - Create and edit nCloth collisions, constraints;
     - Create external forces for nCloth;
     - Create and edit nCloth caches;

3. Lesson03 Caching nCloth

     - What is nCloth caching?;
     - nCloth cache creation;
     - nCloth cache threading;
     - Work with nCloth cache clips;
     - Cache nCloth;

4. Lesson04 nCloth nodes
     - nClothShape;
     - nucleus;
     - nRigidShape;
     - dynamicConstraintShape;
     - nComponent;

     - nClothShapeCache;
     - cacheBlend;


- Day 4~6. Hair

1. Lesson05 Introducing Maya Hair
     - Hair overview;
     - workflow for Hair;
     - What is hair follicles;
     - What is start, rest, and current position curves;
     - What is hair styling;

2. Lesson06 Creating hair

     - Overview of creating hair;
     - Start, Rest, and Current Position curves;
     - Passive hair curves;
     - Dynamic curves;
     - Creating other models and effects with hair;
     - Select hair, follicles, curves, and CVs;
     - Set hair curve positions;
     - Styling & Editing hair;
     - Transplant hair;
     - Simulating hair;
     - Use hair caches;

3. Lesson07 Modifying hair
     - Styling hair and modifying the hair look and behavior;
     - Change the look of the hair;
     - Paint hair follicles;
     - Paint hair textures;
     - Modify the hair system;
     - Modify hair follicles;
     - Adjust the hair length;
     - Edit hair curves;
     - Braid hair;
     - Make hair collide;

     - Set up & assign hair constraints;
     - Assign a Paint Effects brush to Hair;

4. Lesson08
Rendering Hair & Sample hairstyles

     - Set up hair shading;
     - Set up hair self-shadowing;
     - Render scenes with hair;
     - Create wavy, curly hair;
     - Create ponytails and braids;

5. Lesson09
Dynamic curve scenarios

     - Dynamic spline IK chain illustrated using a butterfly tail;
     - Stiffness Scale along curve and emit particles from curve example;
     - Advanced tips for working with Hair;
     - Troubleshoot Hair;
     - mental ray sampling quality;
     - mental ray Approximation Editor;

- Day 7~8. Fur

1. Lesson10 Introducing Maya Fur
     - Fur overview;
     - Fur workflow overview;
     - What is fur descriptions;
     - Model UV vs Fur;
     - Fur Presets;

2. Lesson11 Creating and modifying fur
     - Preparing polygon, Nurbs and subdivision surface models for fur;
     - Create & delete fur;
     - Attach and detach fur;
     - Select the surfaces a fur description is attached to;
     - Select which UV set to use for Fur (polygons only);
     - Fur feedback;
     - Reverse fur normals;
     - Offset the direction fur grows;
     - Style fur using hair curves;
     - Change fur attributes;
     - Edit fur descriptions;
     - Paint & map fur attribute values;
     - Update fur maps;
     - Remove maps from fur attributes;

     - Make fur clump together;
     - Copy fur descriptions into other scenes;
     - Create body fur, whiskers, and eyelashes;

     - Part fur;
     - Work on an animation project;

     - Animate fur attributes;

3. Lesson12
Adding movement to fur

     - Add movement attractor sets to fur;
     - Create a hair system to be used with fur;
     - Attach and detach hair systems to/from fur;
     - Delete fur curve attractor sets;
     - Set the start position of hair curves to the fur position;
     - Change fur curve attractor set attributes;
     - Manually keyframe fur movement;
     - Make fur move using dynamics;

4. Lesson13
Adding fur shading effects & Rendering scenes with fur

     - Adding fur shading effects;
     - Set up Fur Render Settings before rendering;
     - Fur shading with the mental ray for Maya renderer;
     - Fur shading with the Maya Software renderer;
     - Create fur shading and shadows using the mental ray for Maya renderer;
     - Create fur shading and shadows using the Maya Software renderer;
     - Rendering scenes with fur;


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